AI Policy at The Right Method™

At The Right Method™, we embrace artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool that enhances our processes. AI is ubiquitous, from SEO and social algorithms to tools like spellcheck and Grammarly, refining our writing. Recent AI advancements, particularly post-November 2022, have introduced content-creation tools like Jasper and ChatGPT, shifting AI from a supportive role to a more central one in content development.

While these advancements offer benefits like efficiency and innovation, they also present challenges. Without careful oversight, AI could:

  • Compromise data privacy
  • Inadvertently replicate biases
  • Infringe on copyright
  • Produce content lacking empathy and helpfulness
  • Provide completely fabricated information (aka hallucinate)

These concerns have led us to draft a policy ensuring our AI use aligns with our commitment to originality, quality, and ethical standards. Our approach is clear: We will use AI to aid in research, brainstorming, outlining, and analyzing, but human creativity and oversight will always be involved from the first draft to the final deliverable. This policy reflects our dedication to leveraging AI responsibly, ensuring our product remains human-centric and trustworthy.

Regulatory Standards

We follow data privacy, intellectual property, and consumer protection laws to ensure our AI usage is legally compliant. Our commitment to compliance helps us steer clear of legal issues and penalties, safeguarding our reputation and operations. We stay informed about evolving legal standards related to AI to ensure our practices remain up-to-date.

Data Privacy

We prioritize data privacy at The Right Method™ with stringent protocols for handling information. Our policy prohibits uploading proprietary data to open AI systems like non-team versions of OpenAI to prevent unauthorized training on sensitive content. This approach ensures security and confidentiality for our clients and employees, reinforcing our commitment to privacy.

Bias Reviews and Fact-Check Audits

We regularly audit our content for bias and factualness to ensure fairness and accuracy and prevent discrimination and misinformation. Our reviews help us create content that helps people make the most important decisions of their lives.

Ethical Use of AI

At The Right Method™, we recognize AI as a tool to support, not replace, human creativity. Our ethical use of AI ensures it complements our work, aligns with our values, and maintains our integrity across all content creation phases, guided by clear ethical standards.

AI’s Role at The Right Method™

In our content creation process, AI-assisted tools enhance efficiency and creativity. Our team uses AI for brainstorming, editing and reviewing, ideation, handling monotonous tasks, outlining, research, and summarization. However, human creation and oversight are paramount in our workflow, ensuring each deliverable meets our standards of quality and authenticity.

Approved Tools and Training

We maintain an internal document of approved AI tools and attend quarterly trainings on content marketing topics, including AI’s impact and how to use approved tools in our workflow.

Regular Policy Review

We routinely update our AI policy to keep pace with advancements in AI technology and changing regulations, incorporating feedback from our team and clients to ensure our practices remain effective and aligned with stakeholders’ needs. This commitment to continuous improvement reflects our dedication to excellence in content marketing.